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Ted Scott presented with the Fellowship Award at the Fifth Annual UK Screen Sound Awards




Ted recalls his years of sound mixing and mayhem at Radio Luxembourg. A senior sound director in television at ATV, and a sound supervisor and general dogsbody in the world-wide freelance market.  He’s met and worked with many great artistes - not all of them in show business !

From the early days of disc-cutting to receiving a gold disc for the Muppet Show


"Cue tape please, Ted..."


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 Growing-up in war-time East London, Ted, through his avid interest in music became associated with sound. First by being a drummer and later with recording equipment. After National Service, a chance  chat with old friend, boy wonder drummer, Kenny Clare,  he graduated to disc cutting. The back room in his parents house in East ham was the hub for years of music, music, music. Later a shop in Manor Park was the centre of operations. .This three year episode involving recording small groups, singers and shows and (ahem) a bit of boot-legging.

This all led to working at Radio Luxembourg, which offered massive experience in recording bands, groups, singers and radio shows which formed the bedrock for a further career in television.

Associated Television (ATV) was  probably the finest television company at that time. It was his working life for a further 23 years where, as Senior Sound Director, he recorded and worked with just about every star in the world. After ATV were compelled to relocate to Nottingham in a political re-working of the license system, he went freelance. Limehouse Television among many other gigs he performed for a further fifteen years.

This is all described at great length and in very much more detail in CUE TAPE PLEASE TED, available in e book or paperback from AMAZON.CO.UK and  LULU.com and other distributors world-wide.





Presented to Ted by Jim Henson and Frank Oz

In the beginning