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The AudioWise Owl


A couple of queries have arisen concerning this logo. The origin is as follows; great friend and fellow sound director, Bill Nuttall, decided on a new life in Australia. Leaving ATV in the early seventies, he took his wife and two young daughters on an epic Volkswagen minibus journey through Europe, Afghanistan, India and all points east towards Perth, where he landed after several months and many adventures.

For instance; parking on a beach in Goa for lunch they were invited by the adjacent hotel to use their facilities. They stayed for ten weeks! On one occasion, Bill had to brandish an old (un-loaded) service pistol being confronted by a couple of ragged brigands. On arrival at Perth, Bill was offered a job as sound head honcho at the new Opera House. Pity Bill didn’t document those experiences. Years later, the girls successfully found jobs, one an air stewardess and later supervisor with Quantas, the other a successful career in music (taking after her dad). Eventually, Bill and Dorothy got bored and returned to England in 1984. Bill and I decided to form a dry hire company renting audio and visual gear and crews. Bill was to be the business brain while I would skivvy and do the occasional shoot. We registered our business name and got some printing done. We devised a logo to reflect the company name - Audio-wise - depicting an owl wearing headphones. The inference being that, despite our combined ages, doing business with us would be a very wise move! A couple of weeks before start-up, Bill sadly and unexpectedly died. The logo remains in our domain and I dedicate it to him.